For over 17 years Dr. Scott Baumgardner has  had a passion for surgery and has had extensive continuing education.  We have the capabilities to perform orthopedic surgery ( knee surgeries, fractures,TPLO's) ,  and soft tissue surgery. 


Dentistry is a very fast growing field in veterinary medicine.   Oral health greatly contributes to the overall health of your pet.  We offer routine dental cleanings, as well as advanced tooth​​ restoration and periodontal surgery.  


We offer a high resolution digital radiology machine as well as ultrasound.  This equipment gives us the ability to offer advanced and thorough diagnostics on your pet. 


With our new endoscopy equipment we can offer 6 scopes including 
  • 1.5m gastrointestinal scope - 
  •  multi-sytem rigid scope that can perform  rhinoscopy, otoscopy, and trancervical insemination in small dogs
  • laparoscope- used for liver biopsies
  • hysteroscope - used for transcervical insemination in large dogs
  • Rigid otoscope ( ear exams) 
  • arthroscope - used to diagnose and treat problems in the joints in a less invasive manner